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The Atomic Bomb Band w/ Damon Albarn

The Atomic Bomb Band played Roskilde festival last summer and it was RIDICULOUS. The sun goes down for 2 hours, and we played a 1am set as the sun set and when we were done and on our way back the sun was already coming up. Damon Albarn was there with his band and came on as one of our special guests. He had played the first two shows this band played at the Barbican Centre in London. It was a pleasure to play guitar on stage with Damon again!

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Atomic Bomb Band w David Byrne

Here are two great videos (one with roller skaters!) of me playing guitar with David Byrne, as he guests stars with The Atomic Bomb Band! The first one is from out first U.S. shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last spring, and the second one was when the band travelled to Acupulco, Mexico, to play the incredible Tropicó Festival. Sinkane also played the festival and we travelled all the way from Dublin 48 hours via Newark and Mexico City to get there. Enjoy!

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